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Check out Allan Jacobs "The boulevard book." There is a pretty good explination about why K street doesn't work, and this design probably will. And, my understanding is bicycles will be fine in the outside roadways.

I find K Street easier to bike than to drive in its current configuration, I'm not sure what bike lanes would add.

In fact, I would say the lack of bike lanes is a good thing. The lanes are so narrow on K that there is no hope of lane sharing. With so much of the traffic turning and crossing, it would be terribly unsafe to have cyclists riding alongside drivers.

Right, I'm not suggesting a painted "bike lane" like DC has in most places, but a wide center lane reserved for bikes and buses only.

Whoops, re-reading what I just wrote, I did say I want bike lanes. But what I meant was the bike/transit lanes.

I'd say, get physically-separated bike lanes, or don't even bother with the entire project.

But what happens to the "physically separated" bike lanes at intersections? That's where all the action is anyway.

How hilly would the power line trail be? Montgomery County has looked into such things before, not opposed but not following through either.

It would basically have three hills about a 100 feet high. I'm not sure about the exact topography.

I'm shocked at how much both the readers and your blog have come around to the idea of European style physically separated bike ways. It is about time.In order to get bicyclists other than techno- macho- super racer jocks out of their cars- we MUST chnage and get over the hostility to dedicated bike lanes.As for intersections- go to Germany and see how they do it. I always hear about the intersections as being a potential problem with bikeways being here. It is not a problem overseas.

This sounds a lot like the Vassar Street sidepath in Cambridge, MA. For a detailed accounting of the problems encountered there, see this link: http://www.truewheelers.org/cases/vassarst/index.htm

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