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It was just moved to October 1. I'm glad because I'm going to be out of town on the 23rd too.

Thanks for alerting all your readers to the Capitol Hill Town Square community meeting on Oct. 1 at Tyler School. The same group of developers whose uplifting vision for the Hine Jr. High site is AT LEAST two levels of underground parking over 100% of the lot are also behind the Town Square Project.

Their #1 priority for the Town Square Project? To reroute Pennsylvania Avenue up 9th Street, across on D Street for two blocks, down 7th Street and across the two blocks where Kinko's and Dunkin' are located.

Yes, that means close 8th Street. CLOSE EIGHTH STREET? How will emergency vehicles from the Fire Station on 8th Street next to Blockbuster respond to emergencies north of Pennsylvania?

Yes, that also means close Pennsylvania for two blocks. CLOSE PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE? That's the emergency evacuation route for the neighborhood, for Congress, and for tourists visiting Congress and the Mall.

If you think that's dopey, be there to tell them that on October 1.

If you also want to tell them to think walk-and-bike when they draw up their plans, I'm with you on that, too. They apparently think there is nothing wrong with the neighborhood that inviting a few hundred more cars a day into the neighborhood wouldn't solve.

BTW, my neighbors attended a Town Square meeting for adjacent residents on September 9, where they were told they better get behind this project or the city will impose something worse. And what's the worse thing the city threatens to impose? A light rail trolley linking Eastern Market and Union Station. But I WANT THAT!

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