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This isn't surprising at all, at least on the part of the town of Glen Echo. I've interviewed Nancy Long as part of a project regarding the history of GEP and she made it clear to me that the town did and will continue to do everything in its power to minimize the usage of the park to outsiders. Apparently the town killed off an idea which would have connected the park directly with the CCT, since it would just encourage more traffic into the park.
Frankly, I'm under the impression that Ms. Long and other members of Glen Echo wish that they could have the park under NPS supervision without allowing anyone to use it. They're always complaining about the artists and classes being taught there (especially since the GEPPAC dares to try to make some money off of the efforts)

Wow, what great reporting. You remember more of my quotes than I do. By the way, I wrote to the Post ombudsman to challenge her biased response to Nancy Taylor. I got a denial.

Your own letter was very good. Exactly the point I would make... look to the county or the villages along MacArthur if you're tired of waiting behind cyclists (or look into your own heart). Hey, maybe you can show up at the hearing and call yourself "Mr. Arundel" and support the project!

Wow, the Deborah Howell letter made my jaw drop. I also wrote the ombudsman, complaining about the selection of the letter, but along a different tack. I pointed out that the issue here is really transportation policy, and it's serious business, so why is the Post demeaning itself by printing laughably non-factual letters on such a serious topic?

I got a form letter response though.

I do think that despite Ms. Howell's bias, writing the ombudsman and challenging the Post's journalistic ethics is an effective tactic to get them to stop running the neanderthal letters. I like to believe that the early retirement a few years ago of the old Dr. Gridlock was helped along by the numerous letters from cyclists the ombudsman would get every time he tried to touch the issue.

Another point on the whole gas-tax thing: the vast majority of gas-tax money goes for interstates and expressways, roads which cyclists for the most part are prohibited from using. The local and county roads that cyclists typically use are normally not funded by gas taxes.

Okay- ...

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