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I wonder whether the "board-certified anesthesiologist" drives a car. Certainly the great majority of trauma cases he must deal with involve people in cars.

I've biked a tremendous amount in my life, but the only vehicle I was ever seriously injured using was an automobile.

I joined without expecting to really use it - I've no shortage of bikes - but discovered last week that it's a handy connector between the Orange and Red lines, skipping Metro Center. Dupont's a bit of a hike from Foggy Bottom metro for a night out, but it's an easy roll.

Can't say that the experience has been universally good, though - the rack at 14th and U was non responsive when I went to get a bike, and the "service" number on the Smartbike card simply connects you to a general ClearChannel Outdoor mailbox. My message (from last Thursday) has gone unreturned.

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