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So does that apply to Rock Creek Parkway too? I have a friend who rides to the Pentagon at 430am down the parkway...Id hate to even think about taking the path at that time of day

All of this aside, I will echo a sentiment stated early in this post and ask who, apart from zealots looking to pick fights with cars, would WANT to cycle on the parkway?

A 45 pound bike?! What the h*ll are you riding?

South of Alexandria is much more bikeable than north of it. I don't bike it, but I know of people who do. The question is, for people who make such a decision should the option be available considering that "in recent years, no serious collisions between bicyclists and motorists on the parkway have been reported"?

I'm 99% sure that biking on the Rock Creek Parkway is legal, but the answer doesn't make that clear.

After the chat I wrote an email to Eric Weiss telling him that his park police spokesman is wrong. Cyclig is prohibited on the Suitland parkway and the BW parkway, but allowed on the GW, Clara Barton, and Rock Creek. Maryland, Virginia, and the NPS all have the same rule -- a road has to be signed to be closed to cyclists.

To close a road to cycists NPS has to publish it in their compendium of rules. They've done that for BW and Suitland but not the others.

As always, I recommend reading this account by John Forester of his attempt to cycle on the GW parkway: http://www.crankmail.com/Fred/Rt2Road.html#Forester

It had been my understanding that NPS regulations for the George Washington Memorial Parkway (GWMP) prohibited bicycling only north of Marina Dr on Daingerfield Island (midway between Old Town and Reagan National Airport).

Since at least last November, however, GWMP regulations have banned bicycling on ALL of the GWMP roadway (and also on ALL of the Clara Barton Pkwy, where PPTC once held time monthly trials).

These prohibitions are stated in regulations signed by the former GWMP park superintendent on 11-06-07 and supposedly updated annually [http://www.nps.gov/gwmp/parkmgmt/upload/Compendium.2007-11-06.pdf].

The unnecessary bike ban on the roadway south of Dangerfield Island and the moronic 15 MPH speed limit on the parallel Mount Vernon Trail must be changed. A 15 MPH bicycling speed limit is a de facto ban on transportation bicycling.

FWIW, the GWMP roadway proper (and NOT the Mount Vernon Trail) is still recognized by AASHTO and VDOT as the route of US Bicycle Route 1.

Allen, do you know anything about the annual review procedure?

What confused me is that there are actually three separate NPS jurisdictions in the region -- the National Capital, which controls the suitland and BW parkways, the George Washington, which controls the GW and Clara Barton, and the Rock Creek, which controls the Rock Creek Parkway. Each has their own compendium.

The compendium for Rock Creek is here:

and they clearly have not banned cycling on Rock Creek Parkway.

Also, if you read 36 cfr sections 1.5 and 1.7 here:

it's clear that the NPS has not followed the public notice requirement for closing a facility to certain uses, nor have they followed the requirement for posting signs.

The first sentence of the above post should be "Allen is correct."

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