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Does this include south of Old Town on the GW? On a Saturday or Sunday, the main roadway has lots of bikers. If that's really the law, maybe they should consider posting a sign or two.

"A 15 MPH bicycling speed limit is a de facto ban on transportation bicycling." Hmm, why would that be? I bike to work almost everyday on the Mt. Vernon trail, from the Mt. Vernon area. I go about 14 MPH, according to my speedometer and am passed by very few bikers. In fact, it sounds to me more like a de facto ban on speed training.

I'm having a hard time reconciling your claim to go 14 mph, and being passed by few bikers. Maybe you're just talking about the hilly/curvy area near the southern end of the trail? I avoid MVT on the weekends, but use a short section (between Rosslyn and the 14th St. bridge) pretty regularly to get to Hains for lunchtime rides during the week. People aren't dawdling around at 15mph. No speedwork involved.

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