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I write the DC Examiner.com's Transit Blog (http://www.examiner.com/x-1095-DC-Transportation-Examiner) but haven't had time to dive in yet. ;)

I'm not dedicated to cycling, though, just transit. But in my mind, bikes are as much a part of transit as the bus, the train, and rush hour. (And try to cover it in my personal transit blog the Perils of Public Transportation.)

I'm not entirely sure that Examiner.com (linked above) is related to the print publication shoved in my face every morning at the Metro station...

Why don't you take up the cause?

I never see the printed paper, but I wanted to make sure you know there are two websites for some reason. This one has good coverage of transportation issues:

The other one is here:

I was confused for a while recently when the old Examiner link I had stopped working. I found the second site, and wondered what they had done with their reporters. The only transportation coverage was car-fetish stuff; car ads masquerading as news. I notice today that they've added a "D.C. Alternative Transportation Examiner," so I guess it's a work in progress. The serious reporters are on the first site, though.

Joe, They are the same publication with an old and a new website. DCist covered it here.

This is the same paper that is handed out free at metro stops, but with some different content.

If the examiner is looking to hire a cyclist to blog about it, I'd be open to that.

DCist's article doesn't cover Examiner.com. I'm afraid if I say "They're different!" I'll get an e-mail reprimanding me.

Examiner.com takes people on what appears to be a "rolling" basis. I stumbled into the application process and applied on a lark--if you pitch it you have a good chance. (And it pays, provided you can get 20,000 hits.) If you do will you post a notice here? I don't want to miss it.

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