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Isn't it kind of backwards that the Republican candidate doesn't own a car, but the Statehood Green Party candidate is scared to commute by bike? Maybe he just rollerblades everywhere like their mayoral candidate Chris Otten.

Michael Brown's statement on Rock Creek is not really surprising. He mentioned riding there in his responses during the environmental mayoral forum to bike related questions. His other statements were rather harsh towards cyclists, essentially stating ticketing should be more aggressive and that bike couriers should be targeted. I wouldn't even want this guy as an ANC commissioner let alone on the Council.

I love the velodrome question. Was this a ploy to see if they were just pandering to the "bike community"?

What business does the DC government have spending limited resources on a velodrome? The reason why there are only a handful of these in the US is that there really is no demand.

Why didn't ask if they would be in favor of a 400 meter speed skating oval?

1. I didn't read the question as DC paying for the velodrome, only that one would be created. So I find it odd that both you and Patrick assumed that.

2. DC pays for all kinds of recreational facilities - for soccer, tennis, baseball, basketball, roller skating (yes in Anacostia), ice skating, football, watching baseball, swimming - and over 50 recreation centers.
In addition they run programs for sports leagues, youth development, therapeutic recreation, aquatic programming, outdoor adventure, camping, early education and child care services, and senior citizen activities.

So it seems DC feels it has a real interest in sports recreation.

Does that make you feel stupid, Tom? Because that was not my intent, though I think it was the intent of yours.

I don't think I want the assertion that there are only a handful of velodromes in the US because there's no demand go by without a comment.

I think there would most certainly be a demand in the Washington area if such a facility were built. The bike racing community in the Washington area is quite large, and it's in one of the most competitive regions in the country. Right now, for the discipline of track racing, you have to either go down to Richmond for their "Go Fast, Turn Left" series in the summer, or up to Trexlertown, PA. I'm quite certain there'd be a good following, and I wouldn't be surprised for there to be a regular weekly series at a velodrome during the summer. This is, of course, in addition to all sorts of non-competitive or unsanctioned events that would make use of such a facility.

Good questions!

Both Michael Brown and Carol Schwartz have made sweeping anti-cyclist statements when speaking before audiences that they thought were supportive. Neither will be getting my vote.

Hey Contrarian,
Could you elaborate a little on the nature of the sweeping anti-cyclist statements? It's looking more and more like I'll be doing my traditional write-in a friend for that seat.....

I was "disappointed" that after sending them these questions, question 1 was made somewhat moot by Jim Graham (but happy that he proposed it).

i've brought up the 'idaho rule' with tommy wells before, and he promised me that his staff would look into it...

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