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Also probably worth mentioning that the survey sample was 9,616 people -- pretty good for this type of thing -- and that its from the summer of 2002...so a bit dated. Curious to see if they've done any follow up work since.

My favorite part:

62% support laws that require adults to wear helmets

immediately followed by:

50% report never wearing a helmet

The discrepancy can be explained by non-helmet wearing kids who have a sense of fairness.

I'm not a big fan of helmet laws for kids either. Again, I think kids should wear helmets. But even if we don't trust kids to make the right decision, don't we trust their parents?

This is the government telling parents how to raise their kids. Sometimes I'm OK with that - like laws requiring parents to educate their kids (by sending them to school or home schooling). But would I be OK with the government requiring that kids brush their teeth after every meal or wear sunscreen? No.

And seat belt laws, which I'm fine with, are different because an unseatbelted passenger becomes a projectile that can hit a driver making the accident worse.

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