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It's amazing how much abuse is heaped on cyclists and from both ends of the spectrum (walkers & motor vehicle users alike). I really wish we had a complete network of safe cycling lanes in which pedestrians and motor vehicles were prohibited because both act without predictability. Have you ever rung your bike bell to warn a pedestrian you're approaching, only to have them move into your path? I have. Yikes.

It's interesting, I was recently on vacation in London, where I took my bike. I noted several location where they had dedicated, separated cycle lanes in which motor vehicles were prohibited, and I must I say I was surprised by how much pedestrians were wandering around in those lanes. (Though not so much during rush hour, thankfully.)

Yeah, just last night I almost rear-ended a jogger running in the bike lane, at night, in dark not-reflective clothing (at least wear some sort of vest). I guess the equation there is - bikes are for exercise, so the bike lane is for exercising?

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