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Pedicabs? You might as well expect horses. The Redskins are about as bike-friendly as they are ped-friendly, which is not at all. Go Steelers!

Watching the Steelers game last night, I was struck by how few times they showed shots of the stadium. Guess acres of surface parking just aren't that attractive. The Steeler's stadium is right along a trail...

It's not completely inaccessible by bike. I worked briefly in the area, and found a half-decent route from College Park. The problem is, is there bike parking? What does the staff tell the bikes to do? Remember, these are the same people who wouldn't let fans walk from the Metro. From the south, there are a fair number of roads with shoulders. From the north, you need either an adventurous spirit or an intimate knowledge of the neighborhoods and shortcuts. I don't know what's going on east and west.


If you're still around, what was your route? I've got a date with jury duty, and I'm pondering making it by bike.

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