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Now that the "bicycle community" has taken the bait, Core will reel us in, let out a little slack and finally release us after he has pulled us into the boat (about one show's worth). This is what talk radio does.

If you guys want to be the dupes in this old and very tired game, go ahead.

Two cliches:
1. Don't agrue with fools.
2. Don't fight a bear in its own den.

Wow! Populist hack demonizes the powerless to boost his ratings amongst his "Core" constituency of mouth-breathing rubes.

In other news, "Dog Bites Man With Teeth".

One bright spot to all this is that his "Core" listenership is in it's mid-sixties, and will likely be dead within the next 5-10 years. He's an endangered species for the same reason that the end is coming for homophobes, racists, and Republicans.

Death comes for us all.

I love your rewrite!

Well, all good points there in the posts about how useless and even counterproductive it seems.

There are a few good lessons here:

- Core is clearly immoral as well as a hate-monger (is this a road rage argument, if I dare ask?)

- Core has no interest in learning anything new or expanding his ever shrinking intellectual horizon. Clearly demonstrated by his lack of critical discourse on the topic. He received a number of good e-mails with substantive points which he conveniently ignored. The sign of a lazy mind, among other things.

- If a bicyclcist is injured by a car driver and a connection can be established between the driver listening to WTOP's Core and his violence-promoting comments and the aggressiveness of the driver, then Core and WTOP are on the line. Let's hope no such accidents will not happen for the sake of cyclists.

- Let's not act as stupid as Core and actually engage in comparable road rage that we experience from car drivers daily. All it makes you is a sorry and bitter person such as Core.

I liked your rewrite to. You should apply for a job at WTOP.

On a different note: I really enjoyed the ride to work today going into the wind and with temperartures just around the freezing mark.

When someone broadcasts accusations that the most vulnerable travelers are being rude simply for exercising their lawful rights to travel in a way that best meets their needs, and it's heard by road users who often get angry to the point of using their weapon-sized vehicles to physically intimidate anyone they perceive as rude, it's unconscionable.

But this debate has to move beyond angry emails and into the realm of organized response by groups and politicians who represent bicyclists. A good response on WTOP by the mayor of D.C. or a county police chief would help to defuse this dangerous situation. You can't argue with a Rush Limbaugh-like commentator on his own turf. You go above him.

I wrote the post above between freewheel and Jack. Not sure why my name was not on it but I did not intend to write anonymously.

Jack's got a good point. Unfortunately, a lot of the response has been of the "knee-jerk" and "rude reply" variety. And that's the type of response that'll win press over reasoned civil response.

I would wager that if an objective outsider were to read Core's commentaries, the email responses, and this blog, s/he would find both sides to be pretty paranoid and shrill.

I guess that enlightened public discourse is indeed dead. Oh well.

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