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I can see three reasons why cyclists will use this route:
1- At night when the tunnel gates are closed for security.
2- At times when the tunnel might be closed for maintenance or repairs. The tunnel was closed for several days last year when fences were installed to stop graffiti, see http://www.cctrail.org/2007_CCT_News_archive.htm#fence>http://www.cctrail.org/2007_CCT_News_archive.htm#fence
3- Anytime a cyclist wants to go to Wisconsin Avenue destinations from the east, such as the Womans Farm Market, Starbucks, Papa John's, etc.

Why would we not want easy access to the Bethesda streets when coming to Bethesda from the east?

I see this as an alternative that would work well for developers of the Woodmont East II site.

... and not as well for us bike commuters.

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