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My own overly courteous response:

"Chris, I've always liked your commentary -- refreshing to hear in this town.

But I use a bicycle for transportation and I can't believe what you said last week. Bikes' place on the road has been well established for decades. I shouldn't have to defend lawful behavior, but... Have you ever tried to get anywhere on bike paths? Drivers are constantly crossing in front of you because they don't look for you on the path. Cross streets are dangerous and commercial driveways are a nightmare. Cyclists going faster than about 7 mph put pedestrians at risk. Except for a few really good paths, it's just not a practical way to get around.

So I use the road. I stay in the right lane like a slower car. I stay on
the shoulder if there is one. I tend to avoid 2-lane roads where cars can't pass (except Beach Drive -- it's in a park!). But when commentators call me rude for just being on the road, it encourages impatient drivers to honk and shout and express road rage physically which is tremendously irresponsible. I hope you can see the light. Thanks."

Don't expect a retraction from Mr. Core. I predict he'll "address" the controversy by complaining that cyclists are not content to keep their road rage on the road, but have unfairly persecuted him online as well.

"I predict he'll "address" the controversy by complaining that cyclists are not content to keep their road rage on the road, but have unfairly persecuted him online as well."

Very astute observation! It must be hard thinking up mindless drivel to fill the alloted time on WTOP so there is something in me that says "don't be too hard on him". But considering the reality of him creating a more hostile environment for real human beings who happen to pursue a perfectly legal activity, I find his actions plainly ireesponsible.

Heard the commentary on my way home today. In a nutshell, he pointed out a few specific things that he was called in the many E-mails he received (some of which aren't appropriate to civilized conversation), and poked fun at one E-mail he got from a cyclist who commented about how bicycle commuters don't listen to WTOP (and added a few other provoking blurbs in the E-mail).

Here's a link to his second commentary on cyclists & cars on the road. Sad, it's clear all he is trying to do is tick cyclists off and doesn't care that he is raising tensions & making the road more dangerous at the same time. It's the 11/17 one.


Here is also a link to his personal website with a list of his "sponsors". Companies I will NEVER do business with!


After listening to one of his other commentaries where he defends Guantanamo Bay I find it hard to get too excited about his latest effort regarding cyclists.

He backtracks a lot from his previous commentary; now he tries to make the point that cyclists are hostile people. He "proves" this by talking about the hostile response his last commentary got.

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