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A group in Tennessee is working to get one as well.


South Carolina's Share the Road plate benefits their statewide advocacy group, the Palmetto Cycling Coalition: http://www.pccsc.net/promotional.php

Oh come on, roadies and a jogger? How about a Cycle Chic license plate? It would figure that license plates would reinforce the cyclists activity as stricltly recreational rather than transportation. And does the guy really need to be running? How about a regular guy strolling along?

Lee is right on the mark. This country needs to get away from focusing too much on sports cycling and encourage people of all kinds to bicycle everyday for practical purposes.Put a cruiser bike with upright seating on the license plate.Stop pushing pretzel posture bad for the back racing bikes onto the unwilling public.

Once again, road bikes (ie, racing bikes) are not bad for the back - improperly fit road bikes are bad for the back. Two entirely different things.

As for the license plate, now that you mention it, it DOES look like the cyclists are fixin' to run down the runner.

Is DC going to get one? I would love to see the money go to a new bike project in DC for fixing bikes. Sometimes I feel a flat tire is all that keeps people off the road!

Not that I know of. DC doesn't really have a vanity plate program. There may not be enough drivers.

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