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Really, wide curb lanes on Georgia Ave?
Where? Cause I bike Glenmont to downtown and the death slalom from Randolph to Spring St. has nothing resembling a wide curb lane.

Not yet. These are projects that haven't been done but for which money is available.

Good to know, but since the rebuilt all the sidewalks and repaved Georgia over the past 2 years, Im not sure where they can fit the expanded lane in....do you have any links to the project?

Widening Georgia Avenue between Randolph and Spring Street would be next to impossible. Maybe they're talking about a different section. I scouted that corridor recently and there are options using residential streets on the west side. Not as fast, but it avoids Georgia Ave. Does anyone have any experience with that?

There is a bit of a route, but its not the best
Your better bet is the east side-you can take Amherst from Arcola all the way down to Dayton, then you have to push through some bush to connect past Evans park to Amherst on the other side, cut through the medical center parking lot and continue on Woodland to Forest Glen
Crossing the beltway you are pretty much stuck using the pedestrian bridge which is great for inbound traffic, but Ive been hit using it as an outbound lane (you end up crossing all the driveways by staples the wrong way and everyone is looking to the left)
The real dangerous crossing is where 16th rolls off. The best you can do is wait in the parking lot by Silver Cycles for the light to turn and then book like hell to get across 16th and onto Georgia.

On the West side, the roads dont connect they way you think they do and its all dead ends below university. Grandview is great from Randolph down to the triangle though as an alternative.

The only other thing I think might work, but have never tried is taking sligo creek down and staying on the trail (not the road) after forest glen. you should be able to cut up to Crosby to Dale and pick up Georgia below the 16th st split.

Good luck, if you have other questions about best routes downtown from Glenmont, feel free to drop me a line at adspam at mindspring dot com

'Think a little' - oops, can't get that email address for you. Washcycle moderator knows me as Mr. MoBike if you want to drop me a line (www.mobike.org). I'd love to talk about Ga. Ave.

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