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How do you propose we cross Clark Place, where it meets Canal Road? A bridge? An at-grade grossing with a 40% grade incline on either side (I don't think so.)? It will have to be a bridge, and that sounds expensive.
Is it feasible to seek stimulus funds for the project?

Don't get me wrong, I want to see this Palisades/MacArthur Blvd/Glen Echo Trolley Trail built. It's my neighborhood. I bicycle the trail every day with my dog, bumps and weeds and all. But the bridge at Clark Place and the crossing at Reservoir Road (which is preceded by a precipitiously dropping gorge with a river running through it) are two areas that need planning and money.

I agree, though, that the trail has utility even if its segments are divided in the short-term at Clark Place and Reservoir Road.

First of all, when making the CWL I usually don't consider cost too seriously (it is after all wishing).

As you point out crossing Clark Place is a real challenge. A bridge would be best and though pricey, not prohibitively so. It's about 100 foot gap. For scale, the Rhode Island Avenue Metro bridge is 150 feet long and must go from low to high and over a major rail line (that can not be shut down). So it would cost much less than that.

Alternatively. A ramp could take users heading north down to Clark Place, where signs could lead them to Q Street and then rejoin at the end of Q Street.

It's way too late for stimulus money (they needed to be shovel ready 6 months ago), but there are other sources of money for things like this.

Reservoir Road is an even smaller gap - and I'd hardly call that swale a river - than Clark and not as near to homes (which is another issue with Clark). That gap can probably be crossed with a COTS bridge and would not be too expensive.

But, like you said, even with these gaps an improved trail would have greater utility - even if it is only for hikers.

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