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I've seen the construction on the underpass, and it looks like the trail will run along the north bank of Four Mile Run from the end of the Shirlington Road bridge to just east of the Glebe Road bridge, where a ramp is almost complete bringing it up to link with the Four Mile Run trail

I hate to burst anyone's bubble, but the W&OD Trail--or more precisely, the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority's W&OD Railroad Regional Park--will NEVER be "extended" along the former railroad right-of-way, either east of Shirlington or west of Purcellville.

These portions of the railroad corridor were abandoned far too long ago to be feasible for future trail development, and the NVRPA board and others have given up long ago.

Instead, local park agencies in Arlington and Loudoun Counties have long been developing their own trails, on distinctly different alignments, that will *connect* to either terminus of the W&OD Trail.

At the western end, Loudoun County and the Town of Round Hill have been (very slowly) developing a Purcellville-to-Round Hill Trail that would largely be a sidepath along Route 7 Business. See this document for more information:
[ http://www.loudoun.gov/controls/speerio/resources/RenderContent.aspx?data=ce978eedf0ba4fc094c2c1655b65cee3&optimize=100&tabid=312&fmpath=%2FBoard+Standing+Committees%2FTransportation-Land+Use%2F2008%2F07-28-08] . Evidently, this trail is being phased from west to east, so the W&OD connection is not imminent.

The Route 7 ByPass is the optimal alignment for a trail west of Purcellville, but that's not currently being pursued. The shoulders of this highway are currently useable by bicyclists.

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