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that survey is all jacked up. It reset itself four times in Camino, so I'm giving up.

Does anyone else feel the same revulsion at the proposed new symbol for cyclist? I get that they're trying to indicate that there's person on the bike - that's fine. But the posture of the symbol-person looks too much like a roadie. Grandma and her old Schwinn step-through have as much right to a full lane as Uncle Steve and his Cervelo. I'd prefer a more inclusive symbol.

Many of the suggested signage changes--especially the use of a blue background instead of the current green background--seem ill advised or lame, but I'd like to know the results of this survey.

I thought the cyclist looked weird. Not because it was bent over, but it just didn't look like a cyclist. Hopefully the results of the survey will be released.

While I think there is definitely room for improvement on standard bike signage, this ain't it. I'd rather stick with the current poor design if at least for the sake of consistency.

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