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Why not physically separated from the road , dedicated bike lanes with bollards protecting the cyclists from traffic - on both sides of Pennsylvania Avenue for it's entire length? This is, after all, one of the most visible and famous streets in the world, and it would show that our country is really & finally serious about including cycling and making it safe and accessable for EVERYONE. If this can be done in other countries, why is it seemingly impossible to accomplish here in the wealthiest country on Earth?

You're still not really that protected from traffic unless you have grade separated intersections. And if there is one thing DC doesn't need anymore of its Bollards (I swear some day that will be a DC sports mascot). But I'd like to see DC try a cycle track. I'm not sure Penn's symbolic value makes it the right street to try (what if it's a flop? that's a high profile flop).

It's not impossible here. It's just not something people (on average) are interested in. They are interested in going places in their car.

not me- I have no car.

It doesn't have to be bollards- other cities use grade separations or chains; indeed there are many options- only a total unwillingness to try it out and a lack of courage by the planners who seem to be all about pleasing the car-driving suburbanite commuters. Yes- the intersections should also be adapted to give cyclists first go at crossing- and why this cannot be done or is untenable is a freaking mystery to me. new York has done this- why can't we do it here? And our streets are far wider than in NYC, Berlin, even Peking or Copenhagen.Yet they all have managed to do this. Doing a bikeway like this will truly make cycling safer for the people who wish to bike- other than those who are dare devil road kamikazees riding with the car traffic. There is a sound reason why the segway companies do not take their tourists into DC's streets- MOST SANE PEOPLE DO NOT WISH TO CYCLE IN ROADS WITH CARS. PERIOD.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I contacted MNCPPC a couple of months ago to see if I could get an update on the status of the WB&A. Much to my surprise, I received a reply that actually had useful information:

"I contacted . . . Ribera Development today, who informed me that Anne Arundel County's approval of the site plans for the final trail alignment is imminent. Additionally, the final plans for the 2,056-unit age-restricted residential community should be approved within about six months. [the developer] estimates that the construction of the road and trail infrastructure will begin in about a year, followed by the construction of the golf course and the homes. The trail extension to the Patuxent River will take about one year to complete.

The construction of the trail extension will begin at the terminus of the existing WB&A alignment on the Anne Arundel County side (it currently ends in the middle of a field off of Conway Road), and will meander through a scenic forested natural area at the western end of the proposed development, avoiding the steepest slopes and wetlands as it winds down to the Patuxent River floodplain. Since the new trail will not utilize the former railroad alignment, there should be no right-of-way issues, and the trail will cross realigned Conway Road beyond the most developed portion of the new Two Rivers development. The length of this portion of the trail on the Anne Arundel County side of the river will be about 1.5 miles.

(the contact was made in September)

I'd just like to see the bike connection between Route 1/Huntington and the Washington St Deck open up. It was *SUPPOSED* to open up back in early fall/autumn. But it isn't.

Forgot to add. One for my personal wish list:

- A bike path under the Beltway and along Cameron Run, running from the Holmes Run trail at Eisenhower Ave eastward to at least Telegraph/Huntington, if not all the way to Route 1/Fort Hunt Rd. Would provide another means of crossing north of the Beltway (for those of us who live south of it), without having to slog through the stop-every-block of Old Town Alexandria.

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