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Wow, freak accident, huh? It's like when my friend's wife got hit by a tree branch while walking her dog on the trail. Weather was good, not windy, it was just an unkempt rotten tree. What are the odds?

The good news? She didn't die. The bad news, have him not been there to call 911, she would've (punctured a couple of organs, broke her back -- it was a big branch) and she still hasn't been able to walk since it happened last February :(

But it's such one of those freak accidents that you know it can happen, but it rarely ever does.

That's definitely a new one to add to the potential hazards of biking in DC.

Speaking of branches, my friend's car took one pretty good a while back up in Columbia Heights.

This reminds me of the time a couple years ago that a leaf-sucker truck was driving up Wisconsin Ave. and the gigantic metal leaf-sucking hose was hanging way loose, started swinging like a pendulum, whacking each parked car like a wrecking ball, one after another. It was heavy enought to crush in the driver's side door of each car. The truck was too loud for the driver to hear all the people screaming at him so they destroyed about a 100 cars or so before anyone noticed the loose hose.

Earlier that year my parked car was parked in the same spot and it was crushed between 4 other cars all crushed together and totaled by a drunk driver (who we watched flee the scene on foot). That's when I gave up driving in DC and got a bike!

Shortly after I moved to DC, my GEO Metro hatchback was killed by, what I can only image was a drunk driver. I heard a loud crash outside at 3am and looking out the window, groggy, thought "that looks like my car, but it can't be because I definitely didn't park it on the sidewalk." I realized what happened and ran out where I saw the guy running away. Nonetheless, I felt it important to write down his license plate number - again still half asleep.

Turned out the car was stolen. The thing I regret is not taking all of the groceries he left in the trunk of his car.

That was my car that was stolen. Thank you for not taking the groceries. They were for orphans.

No, they were his groceries. The car had been stolen a month earlier (if they weren't his groceries, I don't regret leaving them).

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