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that sign breaks my heart! (my bike is green, my nickname is Kitty, and until this fall it was all I had!) ... my bike was stolen out of my front yard (a joyride I guess, it was later recovered) when I was a kid.

it's nice to see a nicer attitude to thefts for once. :)

my main problem with using unlocked bikes for the bike baiting project is that while it WILL catch people, the kind of people it will catch are opportunists, who the police should know are in limitless supply. but the real plague of the city's cyclists--which this type of operation WONT catch--are the premeditated bike thieves--the ones who scout bike racks and come along with bolt-cutters and are ostensibly plugged into some kind of fencing system. catch those guys, and we might actually see a drop in bike thefts citywide.

keep up the good work, this blog is a great resource!

Awesome stings. It definitely is a quality of life issue. Maybe I could get a "bait bike" decal for my bike.

To address stew's concerns about not catching serious bike thieves, the police could use $3000 bait bikes with cable locks. Heck, some thieves might just steal the components.

My Specialized Sequoia (54.5) was stolen last year in Mt. Pleasant. I reported it, serial number and all. What are the chances it is in some MPD property room and they haven't contacted me?

I'm not sure how the MPD handle this. I know I was once told by an officer that bikes reported stolen are recorded in one notebook and bikes reported recovered in another and that officers are suppose to cross reference these (this was in 2002, but even then it seemed too low-tech). So if they have your bike you might not ever get contacted.

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