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I'm pretty sure electric bikes have been around since before 2008.

In any case I would have said the NuVinci CVT, the bicycle belt drive, or the modernized bicycle shaft drive.

I belive a couple of years ago the Dutch Bike of the Year was a Dutch Roadster cargo-bike with NuVinci and electrical assist option on an enclosed chaincase. I'm not really sold on the bicycle belt idea, as you can't just break a link to get it off.. where is the benefit?

The belt would be better if it involved less maintenance, had a higher MTBF-to-cost ratio, was lighter and/or didn't get grease on you or others (one of the reasons often given for keeping bikes off of transit).

Why would you want to break a link on a belt? Just carry a spare belt.

When digital cameras came out I thought they were stupid. Who would use such a thing? I wonder if the belt will be the same way.

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