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8th St. is one-way northbound from Elder past Geranium all the way to Eastern Ave. and one-way southbound from Elder to Butternut. Of course DDOT could override this for a couple of days, but you have the signage to consider. As someone who lives in the neighborhood I have mixed feelings about the one-way arrangement; on the one hand, it keeps commuters from blowing through the neighborhood, but on the other it makes biking inconvenient. To go south legally between Geranium and Fern you have to choose from among Blair Road, Georgia Avenue, and the sidewalk.

I figured I'd have some errors in there, but the point isn't really the route, but the idea of routes.

One way streets are often a pain.

No, I do approve of the idea, it just reminded me of the minor beef I have with DDOT itself: 8th St is a signed bike route all the way from New Hampshire Avenue in Petworth north to the Maryland line (including that little jog at Piney Branch/Aspen), but in point of fact you can't bike its full length in either direction without running into a "Do Not Enter" sign, and the available alternatives aren't always that great.

David Alpert often refers to the anti-walkable problems of one-way streets, but I couldn't find a place on the site that summarizes the arguments.

Problems with one-way streets? The problems with walkability come from less-attentive drivers and higher traffic speeds.

Curiously, one-way streets harm business health, car-centric or pedestrian oriented. A number of cities introduced one-way streets in the 70s and 80s, in the hopes of unsnarling traffic and perhaps bolstering the remaining storefront businesses.

Instead, the businesses withered. It turns out that drivers on one-way streets are less likely to park and shop. Weybosset St. in Providence, R.I. was a major shopping street, but one-way traffic finally killed it off.

After talking with a friend of mine about this they pointed out the biggest barrier to this is getting the police support it would need. On a day when law enforcement will be overwhelmed, it's probably unworkable.

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