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It is great to hear the WB&A is still being worked on. The biggest obstacle is a bridge over the river. I look forward to the day when I can ride into AA county from Bowie. I had heard PG county had set aside some money. Anyone know when/if they plan to start it? Or even where is will be located, since it will not follow the railroad right of way?

I don't know the answer to your question so this is supposition only. I would think they're going to wait for the AA trail to get to the river before building a bridge, lest they build a bridge to nowhere. Those are very unpopular. This is ironic since DC is willing to improve the Suitland Parkway Trail if PG County will just extend it to some place useful (like the metro station).

On the MD property tax database:

Anne Arundel County
District: 04
Subdivision: 000
Account Identifier: 04416125

You can see that Anne Arundel county owns the old WB&A alignment from "ACADEMY JCT TO COUNTY LI"

Since that means that the WB&A alignment is public land, does that mean that Anne Arundel County is selling the land back to the developers? Doesn't that have to be approved by the county council?

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