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Nice to see. Having grown up in districts with no buses, it is still weird to be riding to work through Alexandria and Arlington behind buses spewing pollution everywhere.

I think both communities could do a lot more to get students to school in healthier ways.

Those buses spew a lot less pollution than the same number of kids being driven in private cars. And in many places, those are the only two options -- kids are prohibited from walking or riding bikes.

I agree with Contrarian on both points. In many cases, the infrastructure needs to be developed so that it's safer for kids to be able to ride their bikes to school. Until that happens, buses are really the best option.

I agree with both Contrarian and Ren. Buses are better, and Alexandria and Arlington can do more to get kids to walk/bike to school. I remember in school they had a "You read it, you own it" program where any book from a certain shelf you read in September - if you finished it and passed a test - you got to keep it. We read like crazy. Which is really stupid since we had access to two libraries and what do you do with a book you already read? But that's what free stuff does to kids I guess. Anyway if they had a "You ride it, you own it" program (ride 50 days and you have a bike) I think it would get kids started.

In my community probably a third of the parents drive their elementary school kids to school, which is awful. Unfortunately there is no safe bike route for kids that age.

There are safe routes to schools. There just not enough bubble wrap to satisfy the school districts lawyers.

At my kids elementary school in Fairfax county they have a bus stop that is no more than 200 yards away from the school. The school board won't let the kids cross the street to get to school. Of course they do it on their own to go play basketball or visit friends. After all there is a light, a cross walk, a blinking white man, and a orange palm of a hand to make the critical decisions for them.

I really does not concern Fairfax County schools if the kids die from heart attacks at 40. By then most of them will have graduated and will be of little concern.

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