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Send the Council your comments! See the MoBike ICC webpage at http://www.internetigloo.com/mobike/iccpage.html (or go to www.mobike.org and follow the ICC link) for how to help lobby for the trail. You can send the Council comments right up until the hearing date on Feb. 9 (don't worry about sending by Jan. 15th -- they'll take input any time).
- Jack Cochrane

Since the council seems intent on screwing up the ICC trail beyond all recognition, why not just scrap it and apply the money toward trail development elsewhere. It is absolutely idiotic to be concerned about a 10 to 12 foot trail when there is a 6 freaking lane highway being built through the same terrain. The damage is done. The trail will have no impact. But logic is futile weaponry against the illogical.

The County Council is hopefully on our side on the ICC trail issue. They were in 2005. It's the Planning Board that put forth the amendment to change the trail.

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