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I would have asked for his name and talked to the police chief. Behavior like that from a cop is just not cool.

The best thing to do in that situation is to ask for the officer's badge number (which he is required to supply), name, and district/operational element and then write a letter mentioning the specific time/date/location of the incident and a description of the behavior to the Commander of his element/district. That'll usually light a fire under an officer's ass.

Exactly what I'd expect. The commenters above have the right idea on how to deal with that, too.

Yes. I wish I had thought of that at the time. I think I was just sort of shocked, so I went on my way. It's like thinking of the perfect comeback three hours later.

You might still want to write a letter mentioning time date and location.

i agree with kenf. i'd still write the letter.

Unfortunately, I actually think the cop was pissed off about something else. I'm willing to bet you that if you had asked him for his badge number, he may not have given it to you but then retaliated by finding something which YOU were violating. I mean, the guy used profanity against you, and you didn't even do anything. The cops are very creative in coming up with existing infractions of the law you may have or are about to violate, no matter if you actually do violate them. It will be his word against yours. Guess who always wins? I'm not saying all cops do this, but take one that just swears at you for no reason, and that's the one who's going to get creative.

Do you recall if this was MPD, Park, USSS, FBI or Metro Transit police? All have bicycle officers that work in the area of 4th & F.

That was a wholly unprofessional response from the officer, but parking enforcement is DPW not MPD. I'd doubt any of them even knew it was now illegal.

It was MPD.

At a recent waba volunteer meeting, I talked to someone who works in the bike/ped divison of DDOT. She told me that MPD have no interest in enforcing the new bike lane regulations and will have to be "trained" before doing so. The trainings will of course add more layers of logistical and financial difficulty to putting the enforcement into practice, so I would say that we still have a while to wait before they start doing something.

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