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I want to commute on bicycle to Cannon HOB. Where can I park my bike?

I think we have a map of all the indoor and outdoor bike parking locations on the House side. Send me an email at [email protected] and I'll try to get it to you.

Regarding the meeting, I spoke with someone at the AOC about the security issue and was told that all security decisions are made by the Capitol Police Board, which is made up of the Sgts at Arms for the House and Senate and the AOC. The Capitol Police Chief is an ex-officio member. When I find the time I plan to put all these concerns into letter form and get it over to them. I think our allies on the House and Senate side will be helpful.

I know there is bike parking in the parking lot south of Cannon and on the NE corner of 1st and C.

If you're looking for covered parking I'd call EHN or your home town congressperson or even Earl Blumenauer's office (202) 225-4811.

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