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Well, short of cancelling the project outright, it's not like there was a lot of choice in the matter. And sooner or later that bridge would have to be replaced anyway...with the associated sidewalk closure.

They could find four feet for better pedestrian access somewhere on the bridge.

"To make room for
the additional lane, the sidewalk will be demolished and pedestrians will be directed to use the
Wakefield Park bridge over I-495."

If they HAD to keep the sidewalk open - like pedestrian access mattered under the law - I'm sure they would have found a way.

The one-way fare for Metrobuses 17A, 17G and 17M is $3.00 ($3.10 cash) because these buses run express to the Pentagon once they reach I-395.

I've asked Virginia's Secretary of Transportation to provide an on-demand shuttle service for any pedestrians who seek to walk across the Beltway at Braddock Rd. We'll see if that happens.

Yes, this bodes poorly for the replacement of other Beltway crossings in VA.

Looking at the satellite picture they seem to be currently sidewalks to nowhere -- they end at the end of the bridge. There is a shoulder, but immediately before and after the bridge on both sides are double ramps to I-495 that pedestrians would have to cross to go anywhere.

I can't imagine the sidewalks get much use.

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