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Well, I have to say the experience in Brookland shows the difference between broad planning principles, consideration of throughput issues, and what actually gets designed.

"Mistakes were made" that have had significant throughput problems.

It had to be explained to me by a driving friend, but a friend who believes in multi-modal transportation.

The problems weren't just with some ill-considered bike lanes.

By putting bulbouts at the major intersection, it prevented many right turns if cars were lined up to make left turns. If one of the left turn vehicles is a bus, delays cascade even more, because bus drivers are trained to not take chances with oncoming traffic.

When talking about bulbouts in the planning process, we didn't think they would lead to the full elimination of right turn lanes. Etc.

And we never saw drawings from the Design and Engineering process.

Even if we had, I'm not sure we would have anticipated such problems.

I hardly want to sound like a defender of drivers, but removing 500 parking spaces for dedicated bike lanes in NYC seems likely to engender a great deal of opposition...

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