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I'm skeptical about the bike locker system. Metro has no idea on the status of lockers now. It's not just a matter of computerizing their system and exposing it to the web; they need to establish accountability in the first place.

I'll believe it when I see it, and won't expect it to work without massive manual intervention.

Wow, what clever spin for not having a bike person. Why didn't I think of that...
"Metro spokeswoman Angela Gates said the agency changed its plans for adding a full-time bike coordinator after John Catoe became general manager in 2007. She said he thought that multiple departments needed to address bike and pedestrian issues"

According to the WMATA spokesperson, they "asked" the county not to build a short spur between the main path and the Metro station. In fact they prevented the county from building the spur. It's only 200' out of 5000' so why is this a problem? Because it would force transit users who arrive on foot to walk an extra 1000', which is far for walkers. They should rename the project "Shady Grove No Access Path".

Ridethewomble, you're pessimism may be well founded, but it's a good sign that Metro is talking about this. At least it means they know it's a problem and they're thinking about how to fix it. That's a step forward.

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