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The Post article missed the most ironic thing about this event - the 10K race itself was held on the CCT between Bethesda and D.C., and no part of it was on the Georgetown Branch Trail they were claiming to "protect". They could not hold a 10K race on the Georgetown Branch because it was too muddy and too incomplete to support a race. I posted on this at www.finishthetrail.org , see the "Runing away from the trai" post.
Also, the Post reported Pam Browning as leading a 4 mile walk. She did lead a walk on the Georgetown Branch, but barely went 1 mile before turning around. They are totally focused on only the part of the trail in their back yards.

Wayne Phyillaier

Given the distribution of the ribbons it seems that the only portion of forest that needs protecting is between the tunnel and Conn Ave....the rest of it (with the real woods) is of no concern...
Of course neither is leaving a mess all over this "beautiful woodland".

This is the same Pam Browning who sent out an alert asking anti-PL folks to do reconnaissance at a MoBike picnic to see what those sneaky bicyclists are up to. She said bike groups have been "infiltrated" by pro rail people. Maybe in her world that happens a lot.

I've just posted a few photos of the purple tape now trashing the trail at www.finishthetrail.org

This issue did come up for discussion at the most recent Coalition for the Capital Crescent Trail board meeting. It was decided that the chair should pass on emails complaining about the Purple Ribbons to MCDOT. I also want to emphasize that the Coalition had no part in the event on saturday and did not endorse putting ribbons on the trees.

Peter Gray CCCT Board Chair

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