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No need to apologize to VDOT. This agency still routinely shortchanges pedestrian and bicycle accommodation, especially in its NoVA Megaprojects.

VDOT's reply fails to note that the cash Metrobus fare to cross the Beltway at Braddock Rd is $3.10 each way, because these are express buses taking I-395 to the Pentagon. In addition, these buses run infrequently at most times.

VDOT's referenced "3’ striped shoulder in front of the gutter pan for cyclists" is dangerous and useless as a bicycle facility because these shoulders will be to the right of dual freeway on-ramp lanes. On-road bicyclists would be better off riding on the bridge sidewalks as rolling pedestrians.

The bike lane should definitely be to the left of the on-ramp lanes. Since the bridge is now under construction, is there time for that to be changed?

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