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The habit some Conservatives have for pointing to bike improvements as examples of pork spending is absurd to me. What could be more of a fiscally responsible method of getting around than on a bicycle. C'mon.

A million here and there is small change in the world of transportation spending, and these improvements serve to increase (rather than decrease) the quality of life and property values of the neighborhoods they are built through.

I am equally flabbergasted by this vilification of spending on bike and pedestrian programs. The benefits of walking neighborhoods and easy access to safe and enjoyable bicycle paths are obvious.

The lack of such facilities has contributed to a 32% obesity rate in schoolchildren (add the number of overweight and it must be well over 50%). That is a tragedy and why not make an effort trying to get kids out of cars and onto the sidewalks and bicycle paths to improve fitness and *watch out* reduce costs to society by dramatically decreasing health care spending (suddenly we are talking about billions of dollars saved).

In the extreme (but not so rare) cases, some of these obese kids have required organ transplants! Not even talking about all the other issues like early diabetes etc.

This republican stonewalling is just what we do not need. It is indeed counter-productive.

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