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Thanks for this info.

So I take it that Rootchopper climbed over the barricade to get that picture?

The baricades were not up the day I took the picture some months ago.

"The Wilson Bridge Bike lane should come into service some time this May." What is the basis for this statement? Has an official date been announced? The WWB people have delayed opening this path for the better part of 18 months. A friend of mine told me it was unlikely to ever open due to security concerns. (Why build it? They got more DOT money to build the bike lane than it cost to construct it.) Is she wrong? (I hope so...but I'm skeptical.)

I base it opening in May on their last update from early January, where they said it would open in late Spring. I guess that could still be June and be correct.

I can't imagine that there are any security concerns that will keep it from opening. What makes this crossing different from the others in the area? In my emails with the Wilson Bridge people they've never indicated any concerns. And they're still working hard to finish it. So I would say it might slip again, but I remain confident it will open soon.

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