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A new map of the proposal can be found at http://www.sha.state.md.us/WebProjectLifeCycle/ProjectMaps.asp?projectno=PG6911116.

I believe the city is resisting the wider lanes for two reasons 1) people's property will need to be taken, 2) they don't want the ability of SHA to expand it to 6 lanes in the future.

SHA has resisted pedestrian features such as a cross walk light across from the local park. If there were better cross walks with lights might not need the 12 median, or it could be even smaller. The new sidewalk on the west side was requested by members of the city council.

The whole thing is still very car centric and all about not slowing down the people who already race through. The nice shaded hiker/biker trail will be destroyed and end up between a busy road and sound walls. Just like the one on Rt-450. It sucks. Speeding and red light running has increased dramatically since they re-did Rt-450 through Bowie.

There are bike lanes along 197 North of 450 pretty much up to Bowie State. Since most of it is narrow, near a high curb, and traffic averages over 50-55 mph (posted at 40) not many use it.

The good news perhaps is that there is no money to get beyond the planning stage and the price taq keep going up. They have been working on plan for this since like the 1980's.

Personally I prefer the do nothing option based on what I have seen.

This is one of the most difficult things to get... bike lanes or wide outside lanes when a path is planned. Kudos to Maryland SHA for wanting to do this project right. Bicyclists need to get in there and oppose Bowie. Otherwise the town's demands will go uncontested (like in Garrett Park, where the county bikeway plan was overruled during a state project thanks to the town, and bicyclists were not even made aware this was happening).

bowie doesnt deserve any smart-growth improvements. the black folk that dominate bowie (and I am one of those black folk) have always taken their model of growth and success (sic) from the incredibly stupid suburbs of white northern virginia.

theyre morons. let them build the equivalent of hellish tysons corner...

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