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No "flattest route"? I'll go out of my way to avoid some monster hills around here. Wish there was a trip planner with that feature.

Still, a very neat tool. I tested it with two completely random locations in Oxford. Would be very useful if I lived there.

Excellent to hear that you enjoy CycleStreets. In theory CycleStreets could be expanded, however the current server resources can't cope with the data for more than the UK, never mind the World.

Taking into account of the hills is something that will be done in the future. http://www.cyclestreets.net/about/

CycleStreets uses data from OpenStreetMap, so it would be great if you could improve the data where you are, for the other bicycle routing that is available using the OpenStreetMap data near you. For example CloudMade's routing which only gives one type of cycle route: http://maps.cloudmade.com/

Happy Mapping and Cycling.

Note that Hills are now taken account of.

PS The title of this blog post is wrong!

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