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Hey - you know what would make the "5 foot bike lanes on Crystal Drive ... and Potomac Ave." even BETTER? How about if the EPA stopped parking their shuttle bus in them ... er, next to the permanent "EPA Shuttle Stop" sign they put up.

That's right - the Environmental Protection Agency. Do as I say, not as I do, I guess.

Sorry to hijack this post, but having been there the other day, I think what Crystal City needs most is a decent bike connection to Clarendon.

North of Columbia Pike, Arlington's bike map recommends the use of some roads in Fort Myer. However, I was stopped at the gate by guards who informed me that without "safety equipment" I would not be allowed to ride my bike there. They clarified that the "safety equipment" I lacked was a helmet and reflective vest (I guess front and rear lights on my bike was not enough). I ended up taking Washington Blvd instead which was pretty crazy.

I realize all the restricted areas make it difficult, but these two destinations really need a better connection. The Columbia Pike corridor would benefit as well.

Within Crystal City and Pentagon City, I was fine.

I agree about the need and so does Arlington. They're working on a Washington Boulevard bike trail. Arlington County bike staff proposed to the department head that it get stimulus funding.

More here

The real barricade in that connection is the Army Navy Country Club.

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