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50 million is about what DC should be spending on SmartBike expansion - seeing that it's 1/10 the size it needs to be. I think 200 to 400 meters between stations is a reasonable benchmark for a successful system.

And yes, there should be bike paths connecting them - not door zone lanes but grade separated bike tracks with separate signals - seeing that these are supposed to be used by regular people not just dedicated cyclists. And for god's sake - where is the trial pass?

Or does the capitol of the most powerful nation in the world not deserve such features already enjoyed by far lesser cities around the world? It makes us look so second-rate.

Cantor's page uses the "write your repersentative" service, which requires zip+4 to contact him. Here's info so you don't have to search it out like I did.
(Range 100 - 303)
CULPEPER VA 22701-3053

I use this system all the time around downtown and it's great. More stations (particularly one in GTown, for example) would make it even better.

Look-Cantor is a fossil-fueled (and brained) conservative politician. He does not believe that infrastructure spending is stimulus. Tax cuts are. Further, if you look at his "base", he's appealing to people that believe that only the French ride bikes. Everything he says will reflect that viewpoint, because his ilk believes that it's the path back to power.

Just sent one in. If this guy kills the BikeShare, I am going to move to culpeper and work my a** off to get him thrown out of office.

Nah. This is for the consumption of the mouth-breathing ignoramuses back in the district; and the rest of the racists, militia members, Christianist End-Timers, and other assorted cretins that comprise the rump of the GOP.

Don't *French* people ride bicycles?!?

ha ha ha ha ibc. I love when people use the term mouth-beathers to describe the GOP.

Just sent one in myself. This guy is massive fail.

I don't know. As a well-recognized mouth breather myself (and apnea suffer) I'm not sure I like it.

Is Cantor a commenter here? Because I've got a couple of words for him.

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