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Better you than me. Of course, if we had a transportation vision plan, presumably there would be a greater focus on the things that matter.

I hope to finally have my "2009" version of a vision plan ready some time this month.

It's a lot more elaborate than last year's version, because it will be structured first with organizing principles, then implementing principles, and then laying out what should be all of the elements in a local transportation plan, and then within that context a structured wishlist.

Yes! Thanks for sitting through that, I never could. Also immensely enjoyed the "Watching the DDOT Budget hearing was like watching sausage watch the DDOT budget hearing."

What did they say about staffing?

(that's my red hair and polka dots in the photo!)

As I recall the staffing discussion was focused on how much money the positions being eliminated were paid. Were they high-paying jobs, low-paying jobs, union jobs? I wasn't paying enough attention to tell what Jim Graham's point was.

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