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How can one party be on the wrong side of every issue all the time? This is tragic. They need to start from scratch (and maybe listen to themselves sometimes; bet that would really speed up the process).

Isn't there something more important for this duly elected public servant to bitch about? Swine Flu? Torture? The rule of law? The looming massive deficit? The recession?

While I would love it if conservatives embraced bike infrastructure and public transit, the explanation for their hostility is not merely historical (as the "Tip" linked to suggests), but rather is deeply ideological. Conservatives are generally skeptical of any investment in "public goods," preferring instead to allow private individuals to invest in their own futures and define their own "good." The exception is national security and law enforcement, which are seen as preconditions for the individual "pursuit of happiness." Until conservatives view public transit and the like as on a par with security, I'm not holding my breath.

I couldn't disagree more, guez. So-called conservatives (if we're talking Republicans, at least) seem to have no problem with massive subsidies for car and air travel.

The Stimulus Money is to be used for the creation of jobs to help the economy. The stimulus money should not be used for straight out purchases.


Point taken regarding road infrastructure, though it's really an exception for several reasons:

1) Conservatives point out that roads are paid for largely through gas taxes (which they characterize as user fees). (Yes, I know: this doesn't take into account real costs.) In other words, they don't view roads as a public good.

2) The interstate system was opposed by many conservatives. Eisenhower, as a war hero, was able to garner support for the system by characterizing it as a defense initiative. (It was called the "National Defense Interstate Highway System" and in fact "Defense" is still in the name.)

3) Republicans were in bed with the auto industry at the time. Again: not a *public* good.

As for the subsidies for air travel, I was unaware that conservatives were prominent supporters of these, though I'll take your word for it.

I wasn't claiming that conservatives weren't hypocritical; I was just trying to characterize their views. If anyone can turn bike infrastructure into a defense issue and a big corporate handout, then we might have a chance


Unless you're going to pay people to dig holes and then fill them in again, you're going to have purchase stuff. Actually, even if you pay people to dig holes and fill them in again, you need to buy sphalt.

My guess is that labor is a pretty big portion of the cost of a properly installed bike rack.

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