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I was really ticked off by something in the original press release (available at http://newsroom.dc.gov/show.aspx/agency/ddot/section/2/release/16526 )

“In the District we are really happy to see an emphasis on bicycling in this year’s campaign, with specific messages for everyone who used our streets,” said Director Klein [Acting DDOT Director Abe Klein. “Motorists: please yield to walkers and look out for bikes when turning. Cyclists: if you want respect on the road, please obey signs and signals, don’t ride against traffic, and use a light at night. And pedestrians: please use the crosswalks and wait for the walk signal.”

I disappointed that the DDOT director pulled out the tired "if you want respect obey the law" canard. The implication is that it's OK for motorists to act like vigilantes when they don't like the way that cyclists are behaving.

So sad.

I agree, that attitude needs to change. I rapped on the window of a car that passed me very close in Fairfax County, and politely asked the driver to please allow a safe passing distance in the future. He was initially apologetic, but asserted that the law required I be on the sidewalk and not in the street.

Although I informed him he was mistaken, that really wasn't the point, since even if I'd been breaking every law in the book, it doesn't excuse unsafe driving.

I wish I'd known about this bike-along. I live in Penelope Gross's district. It's really cool that she bikes. It'd be great to see improvements here such as bike lanes along Columbia Pike and Leesburg Pike.

I too dislike the "if you want respect than you have to follow the law" line. That actually isn't how it works. If you're driving, I assume you have a license, and if you have a license, you're legally required to show everyone respect whether they've earned it or not. In fact when I'm driving I give reckless drivers MORE respect (or distance anyway). Try not giving a speeding 18-wheeler respect (because they aren't following the law) some time and see how that works.

That said, I do think cyclists help themselves when they ride safely and courteously.

cyclists and then pedestrains should always get top priority - these announcements seek to slam every mode equally and wind up squashing and discouraging cyclists and walkers since we are already dis- incentivized and discouraged by the present rules/laws/mindsets that are auto-centric.

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