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So we should a billion dollar building a Metro tunnel for the yellow lines -- lines that are massively underused -- instead of building a new tunnel for the Blue/Orange lines which are massive overused.

Just so it will look pretty.

Sorry, I don't buy it. If you want ped/bike access fix Memorial bridge. A metro station in Potomac Park might be somewhat interesting but it would just be for the tourists.

I don't think opportunity costs were considered. Or costs at all. This is more of a "what if money wasn't really an issue" exercise. So this does not preclude decoupling the Blue and Orange lines. Also it's not just to look pretty but to free up valuable land, reconnect the grid and increase security. There's nothing wrong with Metro moving tourists.

We have bike/ped access on the 14th Street Bridge now, but yes, Memorial should be improved (I have a post in the works on that).

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