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The market is two blocks from my house, and I have to say that I was disappointed with the selection of bikes on hand there. If you're gonna talk about used bikes, you should mention Bike Club in Falls Church, VA. It's a great shop, they don't trade in low-end department store bikes, and you can still get a good deal on a used bike.

Papillon Cycles in Arlington's Columbia Pike corridor also sells reconditioned, "pre-owned" bikes. I'm probably going to go there at some point to "upgrade"... my experience with service there has been great.

Any business selling used bikes in DC technically must have a pawn shop license. A well knows shop was 'busted' for this several years ago. Not sure how this guy Max gets around that, but maybe being a 'bike enthusiast' and not actually running a shop helps.

College Park Bikes has been known to sell used bikes.

College Park lists all their used bikes in an online database. At the moment the results include 2,843 records - and it's sortable by many catagories!


Irrational fear. Not buying a used bike because it COULD be stolen would be like not buying a used ANYTHING because it could be stolen. TV, microwave, CAR! Anything on craigslist or ebay...

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