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"cyclists are responsible for following the same rules as cars."

I hate that line. First, it should be "cyclists are responsible for following the same rules as drivers of cars."

Second, it's not true, DC has pages of cyclist-specific laws. A number of the behaviors that annoy motorists most would be illegal in a car but are legal on a bike, like lane splitting and switching from sidewalk to street.

Minor correction: Bike to Work Day is on Friday, May 15.

WABA has pocket-sized DC bicycle law booklet that I carry in my bag in case of trouble with the law or other motorists.


How about: "Like operators of cars, cyclists are responsible for following the rules that apply to them"?

I usually correct the "cyclists are responsible for following the same rules as cars" with "cyclists are responsible for following the rules; the same as cars are." but yours is good too.

Why not just say "drivers" instead of cars. Solves the issue and is concise.

Drivers is generally accepted to mean operators of vehicles, specifcally two axles or more (i.e. not just cars).

I'd like to find a bike commuting buddy that would like to bike to work m-f. I work 7:45 am to 4:30 pn I live in North Arlington and I work in Old Town Alexandria. If anyone is intersted my cell is 202-390-3367 an my name is Thomas

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