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I work for AAA and would like to address your comment about that organization. AAA has a long history of supporting safety issues for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists. AAA is quite proud of the lives saved by its safety advocacy. AAA is also sensitive to the fact that some members may not agree with all of its public positions on behalf of motorists. You can find out more about AAA's safety and environmental advocacy at www.AAA.com/publicaffairs.

What I see at your website is that AAA has sponsored a poster contest aimed at kids who don't drive, but do get run over.

"The No. 1 killer of children ages 3 to 14 isn't a disease - it's traffic and pedestrian crashes. That's why AAA works with young people across the country to spread the word about how to stay safe through the AAA Traffic Safety Poster Contest. In its 65th year, the contest encourages students from kindergarten through 12th grade to put their best creative foot forward and develop posters illustrating key safety messages."

See, if I were AAA and I realized that traffic crashes were a serious problem, I'd work with DRIVERS not the people they run over. And I wouldn't be spending massive amounts of time advocating for the end of traffic speed cameras.

like here

and here

or here
In fact, looking at AAA's site - I fail to see anything about sharing the road with pedestrians or cyclists. Education is geared towards cyclists "AAA helps to promote bicycle safety by educating children and their parents on choosing the correct bike, properly fitting a helmet, bicycle maintenance and the rules of the road as they safely travel on their first vehicle. AAA also plans to provide tips for adults in form of advanced riding skills."

In the late 90's, AAA was a core member of the Highway Users Alliance (HUA) which was aggressively campaigning to gut bicycling, pedestrian, safety, transit and environmental planning, funding and regulatory in the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act.

But, I may be wrong about AAA. I'd love to hear about what AAA is doing to protect other road users and encourage drivers to follow the law - instead of standing up against photo-radar enforcement.

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