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Hey, I'm the woman from the Swiss Embassy who told the story about being hit. Just FYI, I am going to sue the driver in Maryland, because that's where his car is registered. This is how I'm dealing with the contributory negligence issue.

I wonder why the number of sport cyclists has dropped in the past 10 years (and so dramatically). Commuter and urban cyclists are increasing, no?

They're claiming 5.6 million cyclists who average 97 miles a week? That's 5,000 miles a year -- for 2% of the adult population? Something doesn't add up.

Anyway, deaths per "core" cyclist is almost certainly the wrong measure. Everything I've read suggests that experienced cyclists tend to have very low accident rates, lower on a per-trip basis than drivers and possibly on a per-mile basis. Fatal cycling accidents tend to disproportionately affect inexperienced cyclists, and two groups bear an outsize number of deaths: drunks and the very young. Two groups, incidentally, not allowed behind the wheels of cars.

I did like the poke at Lon Anderson of AAA, my eyes roll every time I see him in the Post.


Yeah, the measure is worthless. It seems that they are dividing the total number of deaths (of *all* cyclists) by the number of *core* cyclists (unless they have some way of figuring out whether a given cyclist killed in an accident was a "core" cyclist). That's like dividing the number of deaths from contaminated sushi by the number of people who eat at sushi restaurant (even though the vast majority of bad sushi is made at home).

As for AAA, I've been plotting a revolution for years, even since I found out that my membership dollars were going to lobbying for lower environmental standards and car infrastructure. I canceled my subscription, but I would really like to find a way of exposing their scam. I would guess that as many of 50% of their members would be upset if they knew what the organization actually does. Here's a AAA alternative:


Any other ideas?

I like Betterworldclub.

I use USAA for my Roadside Assistance, Insurance etc...They don't say as many stupid things as AAA.

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