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Looks like a blast...It's too bad I have to be in the office by 7:30!

Any idea as to where those swiss bike racks will be going?

Some will be at the Wilson Building, but I'm not sure where the others will go.

Shoot - looks like I missed a lot of the cool stuff at Freedom Plaza. I know I'm knocking a gift-horse in the mouth, but I really can't drink coffee without milk, which they were totally out of at 7:45 am.

You could tell it was bike-to-work day when I rode over to 19th st for a takeout lunch and couldn't find a free space to lock my bike anywhere.

yes... the SWAG was good!

my boys love the reflective ankle bands from the Swiss Embassy... and SMARTWOOL/Hudson Trail Outfitters did have the best assortment of swag!

Got stuck behind Rhinoman on the Mt Vernon trail by the airport!

Swiss Bike Racks (there are 10) will be in five locations: the Wilson Building, the National Building Museum, Connecticut Avenue in front of Kremer Books, on 7th Street in Gallery Place Chinatown, and at the Eastern Market Metro.

I was at Freedom Plaza until they announced the raffles were over, then I headed off for work. I missed the bike rhino!

I arrived around 7:40 and accumulated a pretty respectable pile of freebies and 2 cups of coffee with half and half. DC Lottery gave me six scratchers worth a total of $7. I hope I have the same good fortune with the Powerball ticket I purchased with the coupon they gave me.

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