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Is he really surprised? I've tried to get drive thru on my bike at dozens of different fast food places, and only a handful serve me.

I went to the Target in Columbia Heights last weekend and I noticed that all two-wheel vehicles -- bicycles, scooters and motorcycles -- are now banned from the parking garage. The bike rack on the sidewalk out front that I helped install is gone too. I seem to recall that when they opened the bike rack was inside the garage. I wonder what prompted that change.

DCUSA/Target claim [falsely] that their parking boom system works on 'weight sensors' and therefore can't be triggered properly by bikes, scooters or motorcycles. I checked out the system they use and it in fact uses in-ground inductive loop sensors which I know for a fact can be calibrated for anything from a bicycle to large truck. Jim Graham's staff was looking into it, but unfortunately they seem to be buying the bs that DCUSA is selling.

This was addressed at the March BAC meting. "DDOT has removed the substandard bike parking inside the DCUSA parking garage and sent it back to the manufacturer and is adding their own, good one. They want to put in more bike parking but are finding some local resistance. Some people feel the new bike parking is cluttering the sidewalk. Others want the other street furniture (benches, garbage cans, etc...) they were promised before they allow any more bike parking to go in."

I think you should bring your bike into the Burger King then.

I assume the problem with walk-ups is that they take away space from drive-thru customers who can't drive into the store, whereas walkers can walk in. If everyone walked up to the drive-through lane it would fail to serve its intended purpose, which is to make things convenient for drivers by not requiring them to park. Well, bicycles are even more inconvenienced by having to park, for obvious reasons. So it seems like cyclists are the exact type of user the drive-through is meant to serve, even more than drivers.

Anyway, take that bike inside. Probably walk it in though, don't try to ride it in.

Why even go to a place like Burger King? Take a hint.

I agree you shouldn't be using Burger King at all. They have been pretty harsh in fighting against a contract with the Imokolee Tomato Pickers, which McDonald's and Yum Foods (like Taco Bell) have signed on.

While on one hand, we should alert DC bicyclists and friends to avoid that particular franchisee, we should all continue to boycott Burger King until they agree to pay their tomato pickers fairly.

sorry folks, it has nothing to do with being non-bike friendly by BK, it has to do with insurance regulations. It's the same reason that banks will not allow walkups (or bike ride-ups) to their windows. The insurance policies do not allow it. Granted the BK employee should have informed this person of that - the rudeness is inexcusable.

Most fast food places have longer hours for thier drive-thru window than they do for their dine-in area.

I can understand the liability risk, I heard that Jack-in-the-box changed their policy after some walk-up gunpoint robberies, but it still feels like descrimination when you are out after midnight and the only places to get food are only available to car drivers.

Forget Burger King, I went to Popeye's drive up the other night and got a two piece spicy chicken combo and it was delicious. I digress however. Please forgive me but I'm hungry.

Hmmm... I wonder what the "critical mass" of bikes lined up in their driveway is before service would have to be offered. Wouldn't take very many bikes lined up wheel-to-wheel before they started losing their car business.

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